How difficult is it..? ... as difficult as you want it to be.

Get ”caught” in the Cryptotheque – where you’ll find puzzle games of various levels of difficulty – more than 50 different puzzles – but make sure you have enough time – because you may find it hard to tear yourself away, once you start.

The old stable has been turned into a cosy showroom or "Cryptotheque" as we call it. The tables and chairs are fine dining room furniture from the time of our grandmother.

Here we have various different types of brainteasers, puzzle games, board games and other cryptic challenges. They are lying on the tables so that you can try them.

You can easily spend an hour or more at the tables, and if one of your friends get ”caught” by the games, it can be very difficult to persuade them to leave, because ”I’m nearly getting there…”.
The puzzle games are also educational, designed to encourage logical thinking and powers of concentration. Some of the games are also suitable for developing motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

In our shop, we have a large selection of puzzle games and cryptic brain teasers for sale. Find inspiration and buy a souvenir, a gift, etc.!

Have a look at some of the puzzle in our games shop – click here (in Danish)


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Gl. Ryvej 2, Rodelund

Silkeborg Syd

DK-8653 Them

Tel.: (+45) 86 84 99 44

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