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Our Labyrinths/Mazes
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Labyrinthia is a different, fun attraction for children, adults and seniors.

Here you can experience some fun and challenging hours, and at the same time exercise your brain and legs.

You can also enjoy the sight and scent of the hundreds of beautiful roses in the water maze (and perhaps get a bit wet), and use your brains in the Puzzle Center.

It is also possible to learn a bit about the history and use of labyrinths and mazes.

Come and have an enjoyable day in the wonderful world of mazes in our cosy and informal surroundings. Here you don’t have to queue up, and the pace – that’s up to you !

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Do you dare take on the challenge?

Water Maze
Perhaps you’ll get a bit wet!

Colour Maze

Have you met your match yet?

Balance Maze
Can you keep your balance?

Football Race Maze
A maze challenge for football wizards!

Do you have a good memory?
(For the 2-7 years old)

Dog Maze
A BOW-wowing experience!

Trojaborg Labyrinth
The world’s oldest labyrinth-type

Chartres Labyrinth
A Medieval Pilgrim’s Procession

The Puzzle Center
How difficult do you want it to be?

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History & Use

Mascot & Myths
(The Minotaur)

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