Caerdroia Journal

Caerdroia – The Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

Labyrinthia is the Danish distributor of the English annual “Caerdroia – The Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths”.

Caerdroia is an independent annual journal, first published in 1980, and dedicated to labyrinth and maze research and documentation worldwide. Produced by labyrinth enthusiasts for fellow enthusiasts, it keeps in regular contact with correspondents throughout the world, exchanging information and ideas, to help create a clearer picture of the origins and distribution of the enigmatic labyrinth symbol and its descendants, from the earliest rock carvings and artefacts through to modern puzzle mazes of ever increasing complexity and ingenuity.

NB: Caerdroia is in English!

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As an enthusiast’s journal dealing with a specialised subject, Caerdroia relies on reader subscriptions to allow it to continue to provide a forum for maze and labyrinth research and news. Subscription provides the next edition of Caerdroia and supports the production of the journal and maintenance of the Caerdroia Archives, covering all aspects of mazes & labyrinths, worldwide.

The annual fee is: £8.00 UK, €13 Europe, $20 USA.

Payment details:
* UK: all cheques payable to LABYRINTHOS please.

* Sweden: contact our agent John Kraft, Regementsgatan 43, 72345 Västerås, Sweden, Tel.: (+46) 021 184735.
* Denmark: contact our agent Ole Jensen, Labyrinthia, Gl. Ryvej 2, Rodelund, 8653 Them, Denmark, Tel.: (+45) 86 84 99 44.
* Europe: payment in Euros is very welcome or £, or contact us for details of how to pay via Paypal. Cheques drawn on London banks, payable to LABYRINTHOS please.
* USA: payment by US$ bank checks welcome, payable to LABYRINTHOS please. US$ bills also accepted, or contact us for details of how to pay via Paypal.
* World: Readers in Canada, South Africa, Australia, N.Z. & the Far East are welcome to pay in UK£, or US$ if possible, or contact us for details of how to pay via Paypal. Bank cheques & money orders payable to LABYRINTHOS please.


Labyrinthos is the resource centre for the study of mazes and labyrinths, with an extensive photographic & picture library and archive, offering professional consultation and services for owners, designers, writers and publishers.

Labyrinthos also provides consultation for maze and labyrinth design and installation, lectures, workshops & slideshows.

We also specialise in personalised tour guide services to labyrinth locations.

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