Dog Maze

The Dog Maze
– An Activity and Challenging Experience for Dogs

Our 4-legged visitors have got their own maze, where they can try to find their way through the maze by using their keen sense of smell (and perhaps with a little help from their 2-legged friends) – and they may get a bit disturbed on their way too!

A BOW-wowing experience.

If you think your dog deserves a certificate for its:

  • splendid
  • funny
  • creative or
  • bow-wowing performance

you can download a dog certificate from our Labyrinthia App.

Download our free Labyrinthia App for your iPhone or Android smartphone here:

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Maggie can’t wait to get started

This seems to be a bit difficult.
How do I get out of here?

Pjuske tries to find her way
out of the Dog Maze