Trojaborg Labyrinth

Trojaborg Labyrinth
– A Historical Activity and Experience

Our Trojaborg is a copy of a stone-lined labyrinth from the Bronze Age. 

You walk all the way to the centre of the labyrinth, and the same way back out again.


The Trojaborg labyrinth covers an area of 400 m².

The total length of paths is 400 metres to the centre and 400 metres out again.

The stone-lined Trojaborg labyrinth has been known and used by human beings since the Bronze Age, (about 3-4000 years ago) and perhaps even longer. Although you cannot get lost in the Trojaborg labyrinth, it is filled with mystery and magic power.

Come along and walk the Trojaborg labyrinth – perhaps you will find your own magic experience!

Please note: “According to old local tradition, it is important to follow the path of the labyrinth to the centre and out again. If you can manage this, it will bring you good luck and success, but bad luck will follow if you jump over the stone walls”.

Discover the secret of the old Trojaborg labyrinths: You can learn more about them by reading the menu “History & Use” – “Trojaborg Labyrinths“, or by reading the displays “The History of the Labyrinths and Mazes”, or read our PowerPoint presentation on the screen in the exhibition area at Labyrinthia (in Danish and English), or if you are a group of visitors, you can book a lecture in advance (in Danish or English).

Scroll down and read more about the construction of our Trojaborg labyrinth.

In 2008, we built a new copy of a stone-lined Trojaborg together with two 6th form classes from Frisholm School

First we practiced with strawberry punnets at the school, and danced in a chain in the labyrinth, accompanied by Irish folk music.

The 1st and 3rd April, we met on the field at Labyrinthia to build the Trojaborg labyrinth with boulders, placed on a bedding of black stone powder.

The exact measuring is carried out
Boulders are brought to the right place
Now it begins to take form and look like a labyrinth
Almost completed
The final result

The official opening ceremony on May 3rd 2008 with a Maypole dance with red ribbons accompanied by a local group called “Irsk Stuvning” (Irish Stew).

The ribbons are unfolded and distributed
Then we start to walk the labyrinth
Now it begins to look nice
We must watch our steps
”Irish Stew” plays, so that we can keep the right pace
Wau, isn´t that amazing!
Then the ribbons are folded again
Afterwards, we enjoy the sun at the terrace, and "Irish Stew” plays and sings

In 2000 we built a copy of a stone-lined Trojaborg labyrinth together with “Labyrinthologist” Jørgen Thordrup and the 6th form from Bryrup School 

It has now been dismantled.

First we built a Trojaborg with strawberry punnets at Bryrup Sports Centre
Then we danced in a chain in the labyrinth accompanied by evocative, lyrical Irish folk music
Then we lit the candles in all the strawberry punnets and switched off the electric light in the sports centre - isn´t that beautiful!
The next day, we moved out to the field at Labyrinthia and built a Trojaborg with boulders
At the opening ceremony, we danced a Maypole dance with red ribbons.
Here you see the final result!