Accessibility in Labyrinthia

Accessibility in Labyrinthia
– An overview over the accessibility of the mazes/labyrinths
for disabled people in wheelchairs in Labyrinthia

Labyrinthia is situated in a hilly area; however, there are paths suitable for wheelchair users. Caution should be taken when it goes downhill.

There is a ramp for wheelchairs (concrete with handrail) at the entrance (reception), and another ramp to the maze area.

The distance to the entrance/reception from the parking area is about 30 meters. It is possible to drive up to the entrance to get in and out of the car, but not to park.

Indoors, you can see and try everything on the tables; it is all at ground floor level.

There is a toilet for disabled persons.

Information for Wheelchair Users:

It is not possible to pass through all of the labyrinths and mazes in a wheelchair.

Below you can see which labyrinths / mazes are suitable for wheelchair users and which are not:

The 3D Maze: Not suitable. Some parts have loose bedding, and there are stairways and bridges.

The Water Maze: Suitable. (Paved).

The Colour Maze:

The Balance Maze: Not suitable (narrow wooden-beams).

The Mini Labyrinth:
 Not suitable (loose bedding (sand), narrow paths).

The Football Race Maze: Not suitable.

The Dog Maze: Only suitable for dogs.

The Trojaborg Labyrinth: Suitable (however, it can be difficult to get around in one or two turns).

The Chartres Labyrinth:
 Maybe suitable (depends on the weather – can be too wet).