The Minotaur Monster

”My family comes from Ancient Greece.

People have told many stories about them and about the old Greek gods, – myths and legends.

”You may already know the Disney cartoon about Hercules?
In this cartoon, they tell some of the old stories from those days”.

”One of the oldest and most well-known myths, is the story about the maze in the huge palace at Knossos, on the Greek island of Crete, where the monstrous Minotaur was kept prisoner. The story took place thousands of years ago”.

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Greetings from Mini Taurus

“Daedalos designed it

King Minos built it
Asterion the Minotaur guarded it
Ariadne unravelled it
Theseus solved it Thera destroyed it
Arthur Evans couldn’t find it.”

Do you know what “it” is?

If not; click on “Greek Myths & Legends” and read more.