Turf Labyrinths

Turf Labyrinths – a type of unicursal (one path) Labyrinth

A turf labyrinth is a labyrinth where the pattern is cut out of the turf.

In some of dem, you walk on the turf ridge. In others you walk in the trenches between the turf ridges.

The turf labyrinths are said to be a copy of the pavement labyrinths in the cathedrals (e.g. the Chartres labyrinth).

They are the third type of unicursal labyrinths. The two other types are the classical unicursal labyrinth types: Trojaborg-labyrinths and Chartres-labyrinths.

In England, there are 8 turf labyrinths today. The most well-known is probably the one in Saffron Walden in Essex, southeast of Cambridge. Saffron Walden is also the largest and oldest of the surviving turf labyrinths. The labyrinth has a path length of 1.6 km.

There are 3 turf labyrinths in Germany.

In Denmark, there are no turf labyrinths. If there have been any, they have long disappeared.

The photos of the turf labyrinths in England are by Jeff Saward, Labyrinthos,

Saffron Walden diagram

Saffron Walden



St. Catherines Hill