Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage – A cosy Experience

In Labyrinthia, you can choose whether you would like to buy some food in our café, and eat it inside or outside at the south faced terrace.

You may also bring your own food and eat it outside.

We also have two large gas BBQs, if you would like to barbeque your own food.

Please Note: There us a free “doggy pub” (fresh water) for our thirsty four-legged visitors.

The Café

In the café, it is possible to buy food and beverage at reasonable prices. 

We sell i.e. organic coffee and organic soft drinks without any artificial additives.

Usually we offer two kinds of sandwiches: “Chicken & Bacon” and “Ham & Cheese”. Often we also offer “Pita with falafel and tzatziki”.

However, we do also sell some fastfood, e.g. French toasts, sausage rolls, pizza snails, but also soft drinks, some sweets and of course a cookie for your coffee. We do also have lots of ice cream! – so there are plenty of possibilities to pamper yourself – and each other!

During the school summer holiday we also offer French hotdogs and French fries.

Packed Lunch

You are also welcome to enjoy your packed lunch outside, either under the pavilion roof, on the large south faced terrace, or on you own blanket in the green areas.

The seats in the café are reserved for the visitors who buy their food here.


For those of you, who want to grill, we have two large 4-burner gas BBQ at your free disposal.

Ask the staff to turn on the gas BBQ and it will be ready in 5-10 minutes.

You are NOT allowed to bring your own grill or charcoal. This also applies to disposable grills. There is no exception due to fire risks.

Picknic Tent

If you are a group of people (big or small), and you want to make sure that you can all sit together, it is possible to book a table in our picnic tent against an extra fee.

The tent has room for about 60 persons. It costs DKK 40.00 per table, and each table takes 8 persons. The reservation is binding. Tel.: (+45) 86 84 99 44.

Picnic Tent