Water Maze

An Activity and a Shivering Experience for the entire Family

Enjoy the sight and the scent of the hundreds of beautiful roses in our water maze – and perhaps get a bit wet!

In the water maze you will have to find your way into the centre and out again WITHOUT getting wet!


The Water Maze has an area of 2.000 m².

The paths are paved with flagstones.

The total length of the paths is about 400 metres.

There are around 900 rose bushes forming the walls in the maze.

The Water Gates

On your way through the Water Maze, there are 12 gates with water sprinklers. They are computer controlled, so you’ll never know when they sprinkle. 

You can download our free App for your iPhone on “App Store” or for your Android smartphone on “Google Play”, – and then YOU control the water gates in the water maze!

Download our free Labyrinthia App for your iPhone or Android smartphone here:

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Feel the Heart

The pattern of the path system in the maze is heart-shaped. It is beautiful to look at, and together with the roses, it symbolises love.

The Water Maze is an oasis of beautiful, pleasant-smelling roses that tickle your senses. Here you can philosophize alone or together with your loved ones, while you stroll along the pleasant paths of the maze. But watch out – the cold sprays of the water gates may be a shivering experience!

The Wishing Well

At the centre of the Water Maze, there is a wishing well. Toss a coin and make a wish.
If you get a bit tired and need to take the weight off your feet, there is a bench at the centre of the Water Maze, where you may sit and relax while you enjoy the sight and the scent of the roses.

The Roses

There are 2 kinds of roses planted in the Water Maze.

In the outer circle and the 4 lower beds are planted Louis Bugnet (Rosa Rugosa), and in the heart-shaped centre, Thérése Bugnet (Rosa Rugosa).

Louis Bugnet is a bush rose with red buds that open into large, dense, white flowers with a strong scent. They flower from the end of June till autumn.

Thérése Bugnet is a historic bush rose with cinnamon brown twigs and beautiful green foliage. The flowers are large, dense and pink with a nice scent and flower continuously from mid/end June till autumn. The roses will grow to be about 1.5 m to 2.0 metres high and about 1.5 m wide.